Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is provided for individuals of all ages who have or may develop impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions.


Physical Therapy is provided to children from birth to twenty-one years of age who are experiencing functional limitations or disability due to a disorder, a disease process or trauma.  The goals of treatment are to diminish impairments and to prevent or decrease disability, while enhancing reflexes, improving tone, range of motion and strength, as well as motor skills and functions.  Treatment may be focused on improving developmental tasks, motor planning, manipulation skills, balance, and/or coordination.


Rehabilitation to remediate impairments as a result of injuries from sports or accidents and disease to promote mobility, function and quality of life.  Physical therapy improves mobility and motion.  Pain-free movement is crucial to your quality of daily life, your ability to earn a living, your ability to pursue your favorite leisure activities, and so much more